Youngstown Ski Club's "Cycle Circle"
2018 Group Bicycling Schedule 
Weekly group bicycling rides that rotate trails in the Tri-County area. Participants meet new people, enjoy a fun activity, and experience the scenery of the great outdoors. These bike rides are a combined effort from our Co-Sponsors, Warren Ski Club, which refers to it as a "Pedal Party". The flyer reflects both names, but the ride is shared by all! Following each ride, we gather for a social meet-up for beverages and/or a meal at a local tavern. 

This is an open to anyone, all-inclusive event, including members, guests, and any local affiliate clubs. Riders of all levels and bike types can participate. Participants ride on mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids, and/or trikes. While we have a few that pursue this as a workout, many of our participants ride in small groups and socialize within a "circle" of friends, both new and existing!

Bike rides are scheduled weekly every Thursday around 6:00pm depending upon available light. Early and late season rides are adjusted to make the most of the sunshine. Additionally, on one weekend each month, a longer ride is scheduled to a particular trail, often coinciding with another event nearby, providing riders with a unique opportunity to enjoy the day. Cycle Circle Schedules start in April and run through the month of September. If weather conditions are favorable, we can organize rides in October, but only as interest allows...

Why not? Any group activity genuinely promotes commaraderie. Importantly, outdoor activities offer a sense of freedom and builds upon the wonderment of our scenic parks and trail systems. These rides are also a way to keep the membership active and involved. Members are encouraged to invite guests and the general public, as this is a great introduction into what the Club offers. The additional benefit of staying active throughout the year has also proven to be worthwhile in the effective transfer from bicycle to skiis and/or snowboards. Remember, a body in motion, stays in motion...


List of Trails Utilized: 
- Mill Creek Bikeway
- Mill Creek Metro Parks (East Golf, East Cohasset, East Newport)
- Stavich Trail
- Western Reserve Greenway (Trumbull & Ashtabula)
​- Little Beaver Creek Greenway
- Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath
- Summit Metro Parks
- Ohio Bike & Hike Trail (Cuyahoga, Portage, Summit)
- Allegheny River Trail
- Samuel Justice Trail
- Sandy Creek Trail
- Three Rivers Heritage Trail
- Montour Trail
- M.K. Goddard State Park Trail
- Presque Isle State Park

This SUMMER heat is not going anywhere, and the humidity lingers into the night. It's not enough to stop this enthusiastic group from getting on the saddle and hitting the trails. We are a fun group of riders and encourage others to join us. Just please hydrate the night before and make needed preparations on the day of! This weather is no joke and neither is heat exhaustion. Nonetheless, gather your friends and let's meet up for some rides, conversation, sights, food and drinks! Catch you outside....
This will be the fifth of a seven month "trail rotation", as we experience several local trails around our area. August will offer us five (5) Thursdays to ride. We meet for the weekday rides at 6:00 pm and try to start our ride at 6:15 pm or shortly after. Join us. Additional details and directions are on the flyer links below...

AUGUST 02 Metroparks Bike Trail -Austintown
AUGUST 09 Western Reserve Greenway -Champion
AUGUST 16 Stavich -Lowellville
AUGUST 23 Little Beaver Creek Greenway -Lisbon
AUGUST 30 Mill Creek Park -Boardman

WEEKEND: AUGUST 25 Cuyahoga Tow Path